Catalytic converter thefts have become way more common in the last few years than we've ever seen before in Illinois.

Last year, my neighbors fixed up their Jeep Cherokee, got it running, and the very next day they woke up to find their catalytic converter stolen overnight.

Same situation happened to my cousin within the same week.  It sucks!


Thieves are getting way more creative, comfortable, and skilled over the years, which isn't a good thing for anybody falling victim to the crime.

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Illinois Ranked 3rd In America For Most Stolen Catalytic Converters Claims

Though we don't like being on this list, California ranked as the top state with 24.5% of claims and Texas trails behind with 13.58% of claims.

Glad we're not #1... that must be brutal for car owners in California.

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This is why I love that my car is so low to the ground.  It might not prevent thieves from breaking into my car, but at least I won't have to fork over tons of money for a new catalytic converter.

State Farm paid $651,000 in claims for nearly 480 catalytic converter thefts in Illinois alone in 2019.

In 2022? The claims quintupled to over 2,700 claims.  Over $5.3 million was paid out.  That's absolutely ridiculous!

Why do thieves steal catalytic converters?

"Because of the rare metals that are inside catalytic converters – including platinum, palladium or rhodium – this auto part can be worth several hundred to several thousand dollars." [State Farm]

Make sure to listen for a very LOUD sound when you start your car next time, you could be the next targeted victim of a catalytic converter theft, especially in Illinois.

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