When marijuana becomes legal in Illinois, will you be able to bring it on an airplane?

So many things are going to change in Illinois after recreational cannabis is legalized on Jan. 1. Think about all the laws, rules, and regulations that will no longer be valid. The authorities have a lot to figure out before the new year.

Here's one of the several questions that have come up. If I'm from Illinois where pot is legal, can I bring it on a plane with me while traveling? That's a very interesting scenario.

According to chicagotribune.com,

"Marijuana is still illegal on a federal level. That means airports in states that have legalized it have had to come up with rules on how to handle weed discovered during Transportation Security Administration screenings. Chicago is working with the TSA on rules for passengers at O’Hare International Airport and Midway Airport."

"The city has plenty of examples to consider when crafting its own policy. At some airports, police won’t interfere as long as travelers are of legal age and in compliance with quantity limits. But other airports say even a legally purchased stash doesn’t fly. From the airlines’ perspective, it’s more cut and dried. United, American and Alaska airlines say they don’t want pot on board, citing federal laws."

"TSA officers, who are supposed to focus on security threats, don’t actively search bags for marijuana. But officers won’t look the other way if they find something that appears to be illegal under federal law while searching a passenger’s bag. When that happens, TSA officers, who don’t make arrests, call in local law enforcement. What happens next depends on the airport."

I think your best bet is to leave your stash at home. If you find it necessary to bring it, do a little research in advance so you don't end up getting in trouble.


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