I'm hungry.  Yeah, I just ate some lunch.  But I'm still hungry.

Before the coronavirus took it's toll on numerous restaurant and bar owners across the Quad Cities, there was a little quick serve Mexican Restaurant across the street from the Rock and Roll Mansion called "Mex 2 Go".  I should have hyped them up more while they were open.  They had great street tacos, and if I wanted to really fill up their quesadilla was massive and awesome for a really good price.  But, because of the rona, they were forced to close down.

Now we have...nothing.  There is nothing within walking distance for us hungry radio folks.  OK, seriously, it isn't all about me.  It should be a great location for the right concept to move in and succeed.

The location is great and key.  Right on Brady street heading out of downtown.  So be smart about this.  Don't put breakfast food.  You could probably skip lunch.  (Although that would make me sad as the entire point of me writing this is for me to have a walking distance dining option.)  You can get that person for dinner as they drive home.

I think Mexican food is perfect for that spot.  But really anything that is a quick serve drive thru can work.  Sandwiches.  Hot dogs and burgers.  (The Ron Swanson special)  Any drive thru concept will work.  Just make sure you have a spot for walk up orders as well.  That way I can walk across the street to get lunch.  Thanks!

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