Busch has finally made good on its promise to the University of Iowa’s Children’s hospital.

Anheuser-Busch fulfilled the promise to match donations Carson King earned for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital in Iowa City.  According to The Gazette, in Cedar Rapids the company donated $920,112 to the hospital on March 6th. That’s the exact total from King's Venmo account between September 14th, when he made his appeal and September 30th when the campaign raised over $3 million.

You might recall company reps for Busch and Venmo said they'd match King's total through the end of the month, even though the total at the time was only around $10,000.  The Gazette reports, Venmo fulfilled its promise and gave nearly $1 million back in October but as of February 2020, Busch had yet to make its donation to the hospital. According to University spokesperson Dana Larson, that's typical for large gifts.

"Anyone who generously gives a gift to the university can specify how and when it will be given. In particular, larger gifts are often given over time."

Two weeks after the Gazette's report, Busch made the donation of $920,112 which officially wraps up the spontaneous campaign that took off after King held up a sign requesting beer money on ESPN's College Gameday in Ames on September 14th of last year. The request became a movement gaining national attention getting over 35,000 donations from all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

After deciding to donate his newfound riches to the UICH, King even worked with hospital officials to find the best ways to spend his money. In February, King announced that he was founding The Carson King Foundation to continue to help kids and families in Iowa. You can find his foundation here.

@CarsonKing2 via Twitter
@CarsonKing2 via Twitter
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