I'm not a barfly.  But I've always wanted to have that "Cheers" style place where I walk in and the bartender and staff know me.  I guess since I don't spend every night at a bar and I like to try different places, that isn't going to happen.  But, for a lot of folks in the Quad Cities, their bartender is their friend.

According to a new survey by rehabs.com, nearly half of Quad Citizens consider their bartender to be a friend.  41% of people in both Iowa and Illinois say they consider their bartender their friend.  This is slightly above average from the rest of the country.

The state with the highest percentage was North Dakota at 54% followed by Nevada at 51%.  That one is a bit surprising.  Have you been to Vegas?  Those bartenders could give two craps about you.  The state that apparently has mean bartenders would be Vermont.  Only 7% of the state would consider their bartender a friend.

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Also in this survey, they asked bartenders some questions about what makes a good customer which could turn you into a friend.  Bartenders ranked the below items in order of annoyance on a scale from 1 to 7 with 7 being the most annoying:

  • Asking your bartender for a free drink – 6.1/7
  • Whistling to get their attention – 5.7/7
  • Asking them to ‘surprise you’ when ordering a new drink – 4.7/7
  • Asking them to ‘make it strong’ when ordering an alcoholic drink – 4.6/7
  • Flashing a tip to get their attention – 4.5/7
  • Excessive conversation – 4.3/7
  • Flirting with the bartender – 4/7
  • Ordering multiple drinks at a time – 3.9/7
  • Ordering for a large part of people – 3.9/7
  • Not using a coaster or napkin on the counter or table – 3.5/7

I'm really only guilty of one of those.  I'll be that guy that doesn't know what the hell he wants and just says give me whatever.  Apparently, my bad. Other than that, I think I could be their friend.  I know of some from the many random bars I've been in that I'd like to be friends with...and now I know what not to do to make it happen.

Check out the full list of states bar friendship right here.

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