A couple weeks ago Dustin from St. October reached out to me with the idea.  "Let us play a concert in your parking lot."  I thought, well that sounds like something that could be fun and get me in trouble.

With all of our concerts being stripped away this spring it seemed like the perfect thing to do.  But the parking lot at the Rock 'n Roll Mansion is not that big.  And of course we are right on Brady Street.  Can't really have a line of cars backed up on the street.  Actually, with traffic so slow nowadays we probably could have just played in the middle of the road.

Anyways, as we planned it all out the decision was made to do it, but not to promote it.  We'll make it a pop up concert and stream it on Facebook.

It could be epic...or an epic fail.  That is what radio is all about.  Doing things that are great or things that totally flop and we can laugh at ourselves.  I'd say it was much closer to epic!  We streamed it live (until my phones battery died and my power pack wasn't charged...fail), people came out to the parking lot and watched, people stopped as they were walking by.  Nobody was stabbed or arrested.  I'd say that's a win!

I don't know if this was a one time deal or if we'll do it again.  (probably do it again...I'm so board.)  Either way, you can relive the first live concert in months right here.  Oh, and be sure to like the I-Rock 93.5 Facebook page so when we do it again you can see it right away!

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