The alt-rock focused Flannel Nation festival originally set to take place this upcoming weekend in San Pedro, California has officially been canceled. The festival organizers issued a statement on the matter following the sudden withdrawal of multiple high profile artists.

The lineup was supposed to feature Sugar Ray, Everclear, Soul Asylum, Candlebox, Filter and more, highlighting some of the most prominent acts in the '90s alternative scene with the fest name playing off the popular flannel attire that dominated rock fashion early on in that decade.

A domino-effect like string of announcements came from Everclear, Candlebox and Filter, all of whom expressed within the last day that they would not be appearing at Flannel Nation due to "unforeseen circumstances" and other troubling setbacks.

In response, Flannel Nation officially canceled the single-day event and said, "We regret to announce that due to ongoing problems and logistical setbacks, putting on Flannel Nation as intended has become infeasible, therefore we are forced to make the tough decision to cancel this weekend's event. Our goal is to retool and reschedule the event and tickets will be honored for the new date when announced."

This came two days after Flannel Nation revealed that Sugar Ray and Candlebox had backed out of the fest and their withdrawals came three days after a change of venue was announced.

Prior to this, Everclear informed their fans of their withdrawal and relayed that after speaking with the Flannel Nation organizers, they "do not have the adequate means to provide the level of experience our fans expect and deserve while attending an Everclear show." Instead, they intent to book a Los Angeles area show.

Both Candlebox and Filter vaguely cited "unforeseen circumstances" as the reason for their exits.

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