In case you forgot, we're here once again to remind you just how old you are. The year 1991 was three decades ago, which means Metallica's Black Album and Nirvana's Nevermind turn 30 this year.

We're celebrating a different kind of birthday this time around though — bands.

This isn't a "bands turning 30" kind of celebration, because unfortunately as history has shown us, bands don't always last that long. Instead, we're gonna take a look back simply to see which well-known rock and metal band formed in 1991, AKA 30 years ago.

Perhaps one of the most iconic groups 1991 saw the foundation of was Rage Against the Machine, who would've reunited onstage for the first time in around nine years in 2020. Thanks to the coronavirus, that reunion was postponed until 2021, which makes it all the more special as it will also commemorate their 30 year anniversary.

The early '90s also saw the rise of Norwegian black metal, so several artists from that subgenre were born in '91 too, including Varg Vikernes' Burzum project.

Check out 18 prominent rock and metal groups that, at some point in 2021, will have formed 30 years ago, below. See our list of albums turning 30 this year here.

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