Don’t mess with the clown! Here’s our latest "outclassed” Loud List, featuring a collection of times Slipknot either took the high road during interviews or verbally bested their inquisitors!

Is metal actually music? That was a question on Larry King’s mind as he interviewed Corey Taylor, adding that Frank Sinatra would’ve never seen the genre as actual music. After flexing his own Sinatra fandom, Corey answered, “It’s like comparing free jazz to Sonny Rollins, it’s a different type. Saying that Ornette Coleman couldn’t make jazz the way he wanted to is not the same as saying it’s ‘not jazz.’ For me, thrash metal, heavy metal, black metal, hard rock… it’s all music as long as you’re feeling something.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan can be thanked for the majority of Slipknot’s more adversarial interviews. While speaking with MTV, he told the former music channel how he perceives the media’s bend on Slipknot.

“A lot of press, a lot of TV and all that stuff have perverted it, manipulated it, made it boring. The bottom line is, you still get up and go to work and you could be in a bad mood and I might not get all your attention. I’m tired of that. If you’re gonna talk about me, I want all your attention. I don’t want a bad day when you’re writing the words. I want you to do your fucking job, you know what I mean? And write it down the way it was said.”

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