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Iowa and Illinois

Words are hard sometimes. People's names can also be hard to pronounce, but what about town names? If you live in a town with a unique name, you probably look at people who get tongue tied when trying to say it like they don't have a brain.

In case you didn't know, Iowa and Illinois have a lot of interesting town names that are hard to pronounce. Some town names you think would be obvious to pronounce. Like in Iowa, the town of Nevada, which you think would be pronounce like the state "Nev-AD-a." Nope, it's actually "Na-VAY-duh". I've heard people pronounce Moline incorrectly. Instead of "mo-LEEN," they say "mo-LINE." Weird, right?

We looked at both Iowa and Illinois to find the 10 hardest town names to pronounce in each state. Let's start with the Hawkeye state.

10 Iowa Towns That Are Hard To Pronounce

10 Illinois Towns That Are Hard To Pronounce

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