Get your kids to the mall, quick, before they miss their chance to play a GIANT Nintendo Switch.

This time of year, we're all at the mall.

Whether we're looking for the perfect Christmas present for our mom or we're returning what we thought our nephew wanted... or we're visiting Santa!

But, this year, you can also visit a giant Nintendo Switch at Center Court at Woodfield Mall.

My nephew Anderson is turning 8 this Thursday, his golden birthday on the 8th, and for his present this year, he asked me if I would take him to the mall to go shopping for candy.

Obviously I said, of course!

No only is the mall one of my all time favorite places on Earth, but, it's nice for a kid to tell you exactly what they want for their birthday, and let's face it, it was pretty heartwarming for me to know he wanted to spend time with me, too.

So we made a plan to go to the mall last Friday afternoon.

Woodfield will always be my favorite mall so I picked him up after school and we went over to the best mall ever and started shopping for candy.

Lots and lots of candy... and when we were done we took a walk through the middle of the mall.

On one side, Santa, and on the other side - a giant Nintendo Switch!


Not only was Anderson the only kid playing Super Smash Brothers - they gave him a fun Nintendo toy, too.


I'm just saying, it was the best mall trip ever.

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