You've heard the saying, "nothing is certain except death and taxes".  It turns out 100% of us don't know when death will occur and 56% don't know when to file taxes.

A new study at says 56% of Americans don't know when the tax filing deadline is. If you're one of them, it's next Monday, April 18th.

32% of people procrastinate on their taxes because they don't expect to get a refund. And about 25% say they put it off because it's complicated and stressful.

How do we make taxes less stressful?

  • Number one, if you keep track of all your deductions and payments it should be a ton easier.  Most of us won't.  So, people like me while put it off until the last minute and look for any excuse to push it back.

Sorry to Troy, who got a call from me the day before our tax meeting to say I needed to push it back. In my defense, I had a work meeting that was mandatory.  It wasn't mandated by the company, but they offered free food during the meeting and it is my policy to never skip out on a free meal.  Especially one provided by my place of business.

  • Number two, don't put it off. Which, of you are reading this at the time of publishing you are already pushing it.

Iowa is the state that gets their taxes done the quickest.  With Illinois coming in 27th in the line of procrastinators.

  • Number three, make a checklist of what you need.  I've got an excel spreadsheet that tells me what deductions I had last year, and what numbers I needed as far as property taxes and insurance I paid.

If you prepare ahead of time, it takes the stress and worry away.  Not that you will...but if you did.

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