If you've ever felt the need to fight Zakk Wylde, for whatever reason, you now have the opportunity to do it virtually. Punchout is a new computer game where you can literally box the guitarist.

The song "End of Days" from Black Label Society's 2021 album Doom Crew Inc. plays in the background as you fight Wylde and the floor of the ring also features the logo from the album cover. Created by Antoine Lock, players use the arrows and space bar on their keyboard to move side to side in ring, block punches from Wylde's character and, in turn, punch him back.

You're given two minutes for each round — whoever's health bar is depleted first loses, so make sure you get enough punches in. It's actually a bit of a challenge, not that we spent much time playing it or anything... but you can play it for yourself here. Let us know if you're able to knock Wylde out within the first round, because we'd be quite impressed.

In addition to Punchout, Wylde and co. have also announced vinyl represses of Black Label Society's albums including 1919 Eternal, The Blessed Hellride, Mafia and more, as well as signed copies of Doom Crew Inc. Check out the webstore to learn more.

Black Label Society are currently on the road with Anthrax and Hatebreed. Their next scheduled show is set for tonight (Aug. 8) at the South Side Ballroom in Dallas, Texas, and will run through the end of the month. See all of the remaining dates and purchase tickets here.

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