Moooo-ve over, this cow needs a #3 with a Diet Coke! Up in Wisconsin about a year ago, a cow was spotted in the backseat of a car as the woman was going through a McD's drive-thru! Fox6Now

A calf in the back of a Sedan, not something you would see around Rockford...But Marshfield, Wi...why not. Is this a set up for the question, "Know how I know you live in Wisconsin?" LOL!

This was all captured on video by Nelson, who was losing her mind over the "cow in a car" thing. I'm with you, Nelson this is crazy. Watch as the calf calmly sits tight in the backseat of the car, almost like it's reading the menu board. I wonder is the cow takes offense to all that hamburger on the menu?

Nick Laham, Getty Images
Nick Laham, Getty Images


Apparently this calf was just purchased at auction and was being taken to it's new home, but the new owner needed to make a stop first.

A close up of a herd of Cows with a blue sky background

The quote from Nelson who did the filming, is hilarious. She took this event pretty serious and might have a cow riding shotgun with her sometime soon...

"I’m new to the farming thing (married a farmer) and I’m now convinced I need to drive around with a cow in my car," Nelson said.

Hey, when in Wisconsin? Go Pack Go? I'm not sure what the catch phrase should be for this. Check out this video, and the reaction is priceless! "A Whole Ass Cow." Love it!!!


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