When an animal is in distress, the Wisconsin police are here to save the day.


Feel-Good Animal Stories Will Make Your Day Better

Sometimes, if you're having a bad day all it takes is a feel-good story to put you in a better mood. Remember that, the next time you're in a grumpy mood. Just find something positive to read about and see your situation improve. Nothing fits the bill better than a happy animal story.

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Middleton, Wisconsin Police Rescue A Raccoon Trapped In A Jar

This story works just like a children's movie. You know the plot. It starts with everything being good in life. Then something bad happens. Followed by the day being saved by the hero.


Our adventure starts out with a young raccoon minding its own business and trying to score some food. The animal spots something very promising. The object in the distance is an open jar. The critter makes its way over. It passed the sniff test so the raccoon stuck its head through the opening. Then it happened. This wasn't dinner, it was a booby trap.

Swear jar with coins

The raccoon struggled but couldn't free itself. It turned into a desperate situation. The time was 4 am so the neighborhood was very quiet. Who would witness the situation to help save the day? Even if someone saw the jar, who would take the chance to rescue a wild animal? All I could imagine is getting bit and catching rabies.


Luckily, it was a miracle. A neighbor saw the situation and called the police. When the officers arrived they were able to catch up to the raccoon and jar. Thinking on their feet, they were able to carefully hold down the animal and cut off the jar. The critter was free and uninjured. It was a happy moment between man and beast.

Check it out for yourself...

Danger on the road. Blue flasher on the police car at night.

Just like I predicted the story was normal, sad, and then happy. If that doesn't put a smile on your face, I don't know what will. For more details, tmj4.com.

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