This Wisconsin inmate had "wet dreams" every night, and is now $295k richer. SG

Reggie Townsend of Wisconsin, was serving time for reckless homicide. His sleeping conditions were not that great, poor guy....So he sued and won.

It turns out that a federal jury found that Townsend's constitutional rights were violated, and he was awarded a bunch of cash. Don't spend it all at one place, Reggie. Dude is serving a twenty three year sentence, what do you think he's gonna do with that type of cash while behind bars? Oh, maybe on of those adjustable beds...oh wait, no. He's in JAIL.

So here's the story, after a jail riot Mr. Townsend was stuck in a 12x6 cell that he shared with another inmate. He had a mattress that was on the floor, the mattress was adjacent to a shower...the mattress got wet. He complained to the jail peeps, but no one helped him out.

Townsend referred to his mattress as "wet, moldy and foul smelling." Reggie didn't suffer any physical harm, but was "deprived of minimal civilized measure of life's necessities."

The $295k was levied against a corrections officer at the jail, but the state of Wisconsin will pay it more than likely.

So why was Reggie in jail anyway? It was part of a shoot out that left an eleven year old girl dead, when a stray bullet went into a house. He shouldn't even get a mattress.

Enjoy your riches, that you will never get to spend.

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