Remove all liquids, and apparently pets from your baggage. This story has a good ending, so we can laugh about it. A dog was put through an X-ray machine at a Wisconsin airport. NBCNews

Here's the scoop on this...Small dog in bag, but through X-ray machine, the little fella is ok, probably a wet spot on the bag though.

Here's the best part, the response from the TSA was a "how to" video. This feels like middle school all over again. Stop. Drop. Roll.

Yah, so maybe a carry-on where the pet can see and breathe, that should be important.

"When traveling with any animal, notify your airline & know their rules, at the checkpoint, remove your pet from the bag and send all items, including the empty carrier, to be screened in the machine." - TSA GreatLakes

Is this the first time this has happened, of course not! Back in November of 2022, a cat was found in a bag going through the TSA X-ray at JFK airport. Luckily they spotted this cat, because it was on it's way to was to pressurized cargo hold. Meow?

That's a super freaky picture, wth. Note to self, never look at a picture of an X-rayed cat ever again.

The comments on this YouTube video, not exactly believing what's going on here...

devastator - He should be going to jail!! He's a liar


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