The world cannot have enough roller coasters. That's a proven fact (in my opinion). Good news then as Six Flags St. Louis has announced there's a new racer-themed coaster that will be opening in the park this year.

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Six Flags announced in a press release that "Rookie Racer" will be a part of the St. Louis park this summer. They say that "Rookie Racer" will be a family coaster, but a fast one. Here are their details:

Passengers take the wheel as they fly around the thrilling Formula 1-inspired coaster track. This wild ride consists of tight turns, daring drops and a huge loop, making it an exciting experience for daredevils of all ages.

A studio shared the concept video showing what this coaster will be like in a virtual kind of way.

According to the details Six Flags shared with Business Wire, there's no indication if "Rookie Racer" will be open when the season starts or later this year. They just state "this summer".

Six Flags says this will have the lowest rider requirement of any roller coaster in the St. Louis park so they're serious about making this ride available to family riders.

This just proves my point that it is impossible to have too many roller coasters in the world and Six Flags is increasing the number by one.

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