I don't eat fish that often.  So when I do I never think about this till the next morning.  But when I wake up the morning after eating fish I always think to myself, "man, I had some crazy dreams last night that seemed to last all night.".  Then I remember it's cause I ate fish!

I've done the research and tried to figure out if this is something that happens to most people or just me.  From what I can tell, it's not common.  Of course.  It's just me.  SMH.

This article on eatthis.com talks about 17 foods that cause bad dreams.  Fish is not one of them.

According to this story on vice.com there is a certain fish that will give you terrible nightmares.  But it's a small species in the Indian Ocean.  I'm not a world traveler.  I'm eating Friday night walleye fish fry.

My theory has always been it's the mercury in the fish that causes me to have weird dreams.  With no clue if that is could actually happen it's what I went with.  My "research"...has produced nothing but stories about other food that cause bad dreams.  Oh, and I should say, the dreams aren't bad dreams when I eat fish.  In fact sometimes they are really, really good.  If you know what I mean.  They are just vivid dreams that seem to last all night.

Does fish do this to anybody else out there?  Am I the only one that is crazy...in this way?  If you experience the same thing shoot me a message on the I-Rock 93.5 app or on our Facebook page.  Maybe we'll start a research project together.  And try some of that mind altering "dream fish".

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