It's almost over.  Sign season.  From the normal size political signs you see in your neighbors yard, to the giant ones in some corn field.  The signs are everywhere.  Earth is taking yet another one for the team as we use tons of plastic to support our favorite politician.  It really sways me and makes the scenery so much better.  Can you feel the sarcasm dripping from these words yet.  Just wait, there's more!

You have seen all the signs for months now, but on November 4th what will happen to them.  Well, if they are paper it's easy.  Bonfire time baby!  But, more than likely they are not paper or they would have disintegrated in our rain.  More than likely they are plastic.

I know what you are saying, "well I will just recycle them."  Great idea.  You can definitely put them in the blue bin.  However, really only the metal is going to actually be recycled.  The plastic.  They'll tell you it will be recycled but it will float in the ocean for years.  We make and use so much plastic that we can't recycle it fast enough.  Oh, and of course it's not cost effective so nobody wants to do it.

Well, then what do we do with all these signs.  Here are some ideas to keep using your winner, or loser, signs.

What to do with old political signs.


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