swear that was a UFO. So far, there's been 10 instances of someone believing that in Iowa this year.

That's according to the National UFO Reporting Center which looks at UFO sighting reports by state. California is top tier by the way, with over 15,000 reports. Iowa has had 10 reported UFO sightings this year, the most recent one being June 20th in Pleasantville. According to the description, the viewer was "looking out the garage".

Here's where and when they were seen plus the description listed:


  • 6/20: Pleasantville. Shape: Circle. Description: "looking out the garage"
  • 6/19: Water. Shape: Light. Description: "I arrived seconds after sighting"
  • 6/19: Albia. Shape: Circle. Description: "looked up at the sky around 1am, the object appeared very bright at first then slowly started to fade away."
  • 5/28: Clive. Shape: Formation. Description: "I saw a white ball of light it flashed at me twice, so I pulled out my phone camera."
  • 5/27: Williamsburg. Shape: Sphere. Description: "There has been a stationary round object floating for over an hour and is still there, confirmed it is not Venus with the app"
  • 5/3: Polk City. Shape: Cylinder. Description: "White light"
  • 4/29: Iowa City. Shape: Changing. Description: "4 white circular lights moving criss-cross in a counter-clockwise fashion slowly moving across the sky."
  • 4/21: Evansdale. Shape: Cylinder. Description: "Long straight bright white object, bright as the stars"
  • 2/5: Council Bluffs. Shape: Unknown. Description: "MADAR Node 133"
  • 1/11: Avoca. Shape: Circle. Description: "Seen over town by many"

Quad Cities

The QC hasn't seen one, or at least reported it, so far this year but we did have one late last year.

  • 12/24: Bettendorf. Shape: Formation. Description: "Four red lights, not flashing, traveling in a line north to south"


Illinois doesn't have room to laugh at Iowa. So far this year, Illinois has reported 33 UFO sightings and in total, 4,073 compared to Iowa's 1,156. However, their most recent one was the same day as Iowa's most recent sighting: June 20th. It was the shape of a "fireball" that apparently looked like "Flying red light. Look like it was on fire with a glow".

No word yet on if any of the UFO operators come in peace.

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