The year of 2020 continues to take unexpected turns and rounding the latest turn is Trivium's Matt Heafy, who made a guest appearance on the daytime TV talk program The Drew Barrymore Show, and gifted a guitar to a local community hero, UPS driver Hector Velasco.

Hector was nominated as a candidate for the show's "Drew-Gooders" segment that spotlights community members performing acts of kindness worthy of recognition during a tumultuous year for so many.

Before Heafy made an on-screen appearance, we got the backstory on what makes Hector a "Drew-Gooder" in the video clip at the bottom of the page.

Four-year-old son Langston, who was featured alongside his parents, had been feeling a bit alone during the pandemic and became excited when Hector would drive by the neighborhood in his UPS truck while playing music. Langston one day asked Hector if he had a package for him, but Hector didn't have any good news and told him that maybe tomorrow would be his lucky day.

Making good on his word, Hector returned the next day and handed Langston a personal package, which was filled with toy trucks and candy, all as a gift from Hector.

"Such an amazing act of kindness on Hector's part to be going through his busy day and still be able to see and notice our son," said Langston's father. "This little act of kindness has really gone a long way."

After the story had been relayed to the TV viewers, host Drew Barrymore informed Hector that she had a surprise and knew that his favorite band was Trivium. Next on the screen was Heafy, who was residing in his home studio in Florida.

"Hey Hector, it's Matt Heafy, singer and guitar player of the multi-platinum metal band Trivium. Drew told me you love blasting our music while you're out delivering in your community, so Drew and I got together to put together a special surprise for you," said the Trivium mainman.

"It's something a little bit like this thing right here [raises up guitar] — a Gibson Les Paul in ebony. This is the one I use, yours is going to look pretty much like this. I've been using these things for a couple years, I hope you love it as much as I do," Heafy continued. "Thanks for being a local community hero, my friend."

Hector was incredibly appreciative of the gift and, as seen on Twitter in the post below, Heafy was just as excited to have the opportunity to reward Hector for his kindness (and to make an appearance on a show hosted by an actress he's a big fan of).

To view the specs on the Gibson Les Paul Classic in Ebony, head here.

Matt Heafy Surprises UPS Driver With Guitar Gift on 'The Drew Barrymore Show'

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