Reaching into their song archives, Tool pulled out rare instrumental cut "Merkaba" at a concert in Detroit on Saturday (Nov. 9), performing it live for the first time since 2002. Perhaps that's why the band has recently been warning that concertgoers get banned from using cellphones at Tool gigs.

That would also explain the dearth of live footage arising from the concert rarity Tool dusted off over the weekend. In a fan-captured video of "Stinkfist" from the same concert, one YouTuber indicated that vocalist Maynard James Keenan only allowed attendees to use their mobile devices during the concert's encore. See the band's set list from Saturday's Detroit show toward the bottom of this post.

Regardless, as Billboard revealed, the shortened take on "Merkaba" marked the tune's first live appearance in 17 years during Tool's performance at Little Caesars Arena in Motor City. The song, originally an introductory piece for "Sober" that grew into a stand-alone composition, initially emerged in a live version that appears on 2000 compilation Salival.

Fear Inoculum, the outfit's first studio album in 13 years, was released this summer. The long-awaited effort led to a Billboard chart domination unseen by the likes of a rock band in recent years.

Joining the band at one point during Saturday's performance was Killing Joke's Roi Robertson, who contributed a keyboard solo to 10,000 Days number "Jambi." Killing Joke are currently on tour with Tool, and the joint trek continues throughout the month. Get tickets for Tool's upcoming concerts here. The below set list was derived from

Tool Set List - Little Caesars Arena, Detroit (Nov. 9, 2019)

1. "Fear Inoculum"
2. "Ænema"
3. "The Pot
4. "Parabol"
5. "Parabola"
6. "Pneuma"
7. "Schism" (Extended Bridge)
8. "Jambi" (Extended With Keyboard Solo by Killing Joke's Roi Robertson)
9. "Merkaba" (Shortened)
10. "Vicarious"
11. Part of Me"
12. "Forty Six and 2"

13. "Chocolate Chip Trip" (Extended)
14. "Invincible"
["(-) Ions" Played From Tape]
15. "Stinkfist" (Extended)

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