Tool and Led Zeppelin come together in "Zober," an arresting mash-up of the former's "Sober" with the latter's "Kashmir" put together by burgeoning alt-metal act Spirit Machines. Should one need any further impetus to listen, Tool themselves have given their approval to the rocking iteration.

On Monday (June 8), Tool shared a clip of the music video for the Spirit Machines mash-up via social media — see it down toward the bottom of this post. "A very tasty tribute of Led Zeppelin and Tool," the band said of the song.

The video itself first emerged in April. In it, Spirit Machines lead vocalist Pepper Rose and her bandmates rock out to the dual-artist jam that alternates between sections of the Led Zeppelin and Tool numbers.

In the vid's description, Spirit Machines discuss how the intensity of the Led Zeppelin track "earned the band the label 'heavy metal,' one which neither Plant nor Page liked. Still, they couldn't deny its hypnotic effect, made by the drums playing a standard 4/4 beat and the guitar/strings following a 3/4 pattern."

Of the Tool selection, the group continues, "There are intense debates about what the song 'Sober' by Tool means. Its most obvious interpretation is of one struggling through major addiction. It vividly paints the picture of substance abuse highs crashing into rock bottom lows."

But don't think that Spirit Machines only record mash-ups of tunes by other groups. The outfit also composes original material, and it just recently released a full-length album called Feel Again.

Spirit Machines, "Zober" (Led Zeppelin and Tool Mash-Up)

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