A signature model Les Paul guitar from Tool shredder Adam Jones is on the way from Gibson Guitars. That means musicians looking to emulate the guitarist's look and tone will soon have an easier job of reproducing the proficient rocker who's amassed a career's worth of memorable guitar riffs.

Tools fans and guitar aficionados got an inside look at the process last week when the band shared an image on social media that showed some of the instruments in production at a Gibson factory.

"It doesn't get more official than this," Tool relayed June 26 alongside an image of eight "AJ"-inscribed guitar bodies tucked away in wooden shelves on the production floor. (See the photo down toward the bottom of this post.) "[Adam Jones] Gibson Signature Guitars now in production!" the group said.

Longtime Tool fans well know Jones' preference for the stunning Les Paul Silverburst, a version of the solid-body electric guitar that sports a metallic paint scheme. After all, the musician is said to own at least three of the vintage instruments — with a 1979 model being his main performance guitar.

Guitar-playing fans might also be aware that Gibson had earlier acknowledged the existence of an upcoming signature instrument for the Tool guitarist. Though it wasn't ready for this year's NAMM, the guitar maker confirmed they collaborated with Jones on the new artist model.

In a press release at the time, Gibson said the forthcoming guitar would replicate Jones' "original 1979 Les Paul Custom Silverburst that can [be] seen live on stage with Adam today in support of their world tour and blockbuster new album Fear Inoculum. More details to come on this project later in 2020."

Jones himself had also previously confirmed the guitar. The 2020 NAMM Show took place in January, so guitar-hungry Tool fans will likely be privy to further information about the Adam Jones model before the year is out.

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