Friday afternoon I hit the road for Wisconsin Dells.  My cousin was getting married.  In order to make the 3 hour drive and get there in time, I left right at 3pm and ran into some busy traffic.  Then I ran into a jackass.  The jackass had a phone.  And now I want that picture.

I've driven in the worst traffic in America.  When I lived in Houston my office overlooked one of the busiest highway intersections in America.  Highway 69 (hehe) and 610.  I've been stuck there, and everywhere else in that town.  So I've had my share of road rage and overall annoyance with my fellow drivers.  I'm not a perfect driver...but there are many that are worse than me!

With all this time, stuck in traffic, staring at fellow drivers, swerving up and down ramps to save 30 seconds, getting cut off and so much more, what happened to me Friday was a first.  And was so 2021.

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I had just started my drive on Highway 61 going north to the land of cheese and beer.  There was a lot of traffic as I wasn't that far out of town.  Maybe just a bit past Eldridge.  It all looks the same to me.

I was in the right lane, already going 72 mph.  There were cars ahead of me and behind me at a safe distance.  I could see a car coming up the ramp to join in on the fun.  By my many years of skilled driving, I could tell we were destined to meet at the end of the ramp.  So I decided to move over to let them in.  Checked the mirrors and the blind spot.  All looked good.  I merged and while going into the left lane, increased my already law breaking speed.  Clearly, I wasn't going fast enough.

The fella who was in the left lane (who started with plenty of room) quickly was on my bumper as he had to be going 85 mph. big deal.  Then he gives one of those over the top "ugh I can't believe this guy would be in this lane" gestures with his hands in the air.  Now it's time for a middle finger straight up.

I get going a bit faster.  Pass the car on the right and get back in the right lane so this guy (who clearly has important places to be) can get by me.  But I'm going to make sure even before he starts to pass me, he has a middle finger waiting for him.  So it's up and ready to go in the window.

Now, common road courtesy says, he should be flipping me off as well.  Nope.  This is where 2021 comes in play.  Instead of flipping me off like a good motorist, he has his phone out taking pictures of me flipping him off. are the lamest excuse for an angry driver I've ever encountered.

Rules of the road...I'm pretty sure this is in the D.O.T. handbook...somebody flips you off, you flip them back off.  Then you both go on your way saying how it was the other persons fault and mocking their car.  Do not, be a d bag and pull out your phone.

However, since you did take some pictures of me, I'd really like to see them.  To the fella who was in a hurry on Friday afternoon, can you post the picture you took of me on our Facebook page.  I'd really like to use this as my 2021 Holiday card.  Seems fitting.

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