There seems to be a list for everything these days, Bad travel destinations, redneck towns, and now ugliest towns. A city in Wisconsin was named one of the ugliest in America in a new article.


Wisconsin's Most Beautiful City

Remember how I said there is a list for everything? Well, there is another story out there that says Lake Geneva Wisconsin is one of the most beautiful in America. That list put Lake Geneva Wisconsin alongside other areas like Cape May New Jersey, Carmel-by-the-sea California, Paia Hawaii, and many other beautiful spots.

You can learn more about that spot and the beauty of Wisconsin here.

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Wisconsin's "Ugliest City"

So which city finds itself in the top 20 ugliest cities in the USA?

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. According to the article, this city has one major issue that has been a problem for some time. I've been to Milwaukee before and didn't think it was any worse than many other cities in the Midwest, but this spot found itself on the list while others didn't.

The article goes on to state,

There is a lot of industrial mess, and there is a lot that you just don’t want to look at in most cases. There’s not a lot to say about this area other than the fact that it is just not nearly as nice as it was in the past, and it’s quite noticeable to those in the area.

Personally, I think there are plenty of smaller Midwest cities dealing with the same issue, but since they aren't as big they don't get mentioned on these lists. Milwaukee is big enough that when something does happen or it doesn't look like it use to, people take notice.

What do you think of this list's ranking of Milwaukee? Let us know on our app.

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