For many people around the state of Iowa, March is the time of the year for basketball. You have incredible basketball programs at various colleges in the state of Iowa and it was recently discovered, Iowa has some of the best college basketball cities in the U.S. It's no surprise basketball is at the forefront of a lot of Iowa sports fans' minds this time of the year. Did you know there's a program at the University of Iowa that has recently accomplished something for the first time in school history?

The University of Iowa Men's Ice Hockey team is officially headed to nationals! For the first time in Hawkeye's Men's Ice Hockey history, they have punched their ticket to play in the ACHA national tournament. On February 27th, the Hawkeyes beat Minnesota-Crookston by a score of 8-5.

The ACHA Nationals will be played in Boston from March 16-21 and there has been a tiny request from the hockey team to the public...they are simply asking for help to get them to nationals. The Iowa men's Hockey team is a self-funded team and the fees at the beginning of each season help them get through the year. Now that Iowa has reached the postseason, they've begun fundraising to make the travel to nationals.

The team will need flights, hotel rooms, a bus, etc... and they are looking to raise 20k.

You can help these players and coaches live out their hockey dreams by stopping at Bo James tonight (March-9) as some of the proceeds from tonight's sales will go towards the team. You can meet and talk to some of the players as they will also be in attendance at Bo James tonight. The team will have to come up with the rest of the money if they end up short of the 20k.

If I know anything about Iowans, it's that we always help our friends, family, and neighbors. Let's get these students and coaches to nationals for what will be history in the making.

Good luck Hawks! Personally, I'm a big hockey fan and it will be amazing to follow along on your journey in the postseason.

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