I know what you're thinking... wow what an extreme headline, but I stand by it. Most trends on TikTok start off innocent and then get ruined by a few bad apples. Others, like the school supply stealing trend from last year, are dumb and pretty awful, but still never targeted an individual. Today we are seeing a trend that goes out of its way to try and ruin a person's life for no particular reason.

The trend is to take random people's photos, and then put terrible text over it. It makes it look like the people in the photos put the text on there for like a snap chat or something, when they didn't at all.

What's scary is that it can happen to anyone who has a photo on the internet.

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How It Works

Some of these videos are going viral, and the video creators who used these people's pictures even try to pretend to be the people sometimes in an effort to get those in these photos in even more trouble.

@noahglenncarter Let’s not do this #foryou #trend ♬ original sound - SwervoFromTally

It's sad to see just how detached kids are from reality when they do things like this. I say kids, but sadly it is most likely people who are well aware of what they are doing, and just don't care about who they are hurting.

A Reminder

This is the perfect time to remind everyone to never believe a headline, photo, or anything you see online until you, or a reliable source has verified its authenticity.

The worst of these photos are the ones of families. It's disgusting to see and sad that people are willing to really do anything for internet fame.

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