In just under 25 years, Three Days Grace have had one hell of a career. Between six studio albums and two different frontmen, they have a good amount of songs to choose from when they play a show.

The band released its first three albums — Three Days Grace, One-X and Life Starts Now — between 2003 and 2009 with original vocalist Adam Gontier, who left the band suddenly in 2013. My Darkest Days singer Matt Walst joined as his replacement, and they released Human in 2015, and Outsider three years later.

Three Days Grace have been playing concerts since they formed in the late '90s, and given that they've released a new album every three years since their debut, they've had a good selection of new material to play with each passing tour cycle.

As one of the most prominent rock bands to rise to fame in the 2000s, we decided to conduct an experiment on their concert setlist history.

We plugged all of Three Days' Grace's released songs into's Tour Statistics to see which have never been played live before. Unsurprisingly, all of the tracks from their self-titled debut have been played before, but as the years went by, there are more and more that have been left behind.

That is, of course, because people still want to hear the hits, and want to hear Walst sing material from Gontier's days. But... it's "never too late" for them to eventually have played them all.

Sorry, we had to.

Scroll through the album covers below to see the 18 songs Three Days Grace have never played live.

These Are the Songs Three Days Grace Have Never Played Live

There are 18 songs Three Days Grace haven't played live from their catalog.

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