It's safe to say that it's usually interesting to look at the best and worst things a state has to offer, and a Youtube channel is going viral after it took a look at every state and the worst cities in each said state. This Youtube video didn't hold anything back with its rankings of the top ten worst cities in Wisconsin.

While the video is brutal the creator does try to keep it light-hearted here and there, now let's see what cities and towns made it onto this "worst" list.

Over the last month, we also took a look at Iowa and Illinois. You can see the Iowa video here, and the Illinois one here.  Now let's move our focus over to Illinois. It is also important to remember that while this video does use statistics and looks at things like crime rates, school spending, education, income levels, and more... The idea of "worst city" is still a bit subjective, especially in this video. So there is a chance that some cities may not be on this list, or one you like is on this list, it's still biased so if you disagree that is totally okay.

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The List

10. Racine

The video refers to this town as "crummy." Sadly with high unemployment, and crime rates this spot finds itself at number 10.


9. Antigo

According to the video, the crime rate is usually in the top three of the state, with a 1 in 19 chance of being robbed each year.

Male thief tries to steal a car. Car theft concept

8. Waupaca

Along Route 10, while it has a great chain of lakes, with poor income rates, and below state average school spending, gets the great town of Waupaca on this list.

7. Wisconsin Rapids

The video states,

Wisconsin Rapids ranked below average on every single category we measured.

6. Marinette

Geographically at the top of this great state is Marinette. Compared to other Wisconsin cities and towns it ranks low on greatness. According to the video, it once was the 10th largest city in Wisconsin. Sadly now this spot has low school funding rankings and home prices.

School classroom in Japanese high school

5. Milwaukee

A well-known spot in Wisconsin. Some may be shocked to see it on here while others saw it coming from a mile away. With some of the highest crime rates, and not-so-great other statistics Milwaukee hits number 5.

4. Rhinelander

While it's crazy to see such a beautiful spot on this list, according to the video, sadly over the years a loss of local manufacturing and mining jobs has kept this spot from boosting its economy and helping its citizens. It is one of the poorest parts of the state.

3. Merrill

In the video, this spot's numbers had it high in crime, and unemployment. It was also low for home value and education.

Report Card

2. Beloit

With many jobs being shipped off overseas the video states that this spot has seen some struggles over the years. Some even refer to this spot as "Betroit."


And now it's time for the worst of the worst. Who has that great honor?

1. Superior

Holding true to its name this spot is number 1. Just a quick trip over a lake and you're in Minnesota. The video shows that it is an industrial town that has seen many jobs leave. High crime rates and the lowest number of sunny days also get this spot the number 1 placement.


The Video

You can watch a more in-depth look at each city in the video here:

Do you agree with this video? Let us know.

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