With rumors circulating about thousands of linemen on their way to the Quad Cities, we thought it'd be good to check up and see what was actually going on.

The base of operations seems to be setup in the Ross College (Old Hobby Lobby) parking lot, where there's over 150 service trucks. The middle of the lot had supplies dropped in the middle by flatbed trucks who left to load more on.

Townsquare Media

After a meeting of the minds, crews from all over the country took off last night to start restoring power. As they left, more crews came in to drop their truck off before getting a good night's sleep.

Townsquare Media

License plates from New York, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, and more were mounted to the different trucks.

Listener Aaron sent us a photo of the Illinois side, where they're staged at the base of the bridge.

Aaron Olsen

If you see these guys out working, be sure to give them a big thank you. Whether it's a bottle of cold water, or a socially distanced scream of 'THANK YOU'.

It took a lot of effort to get the Rock n' Roll Mansion back online, but Century Electric, Precision Air, and our station engineer all worked very hard to get us back on the air after putting in a new generator.

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