When Steel Panther was announced for the Rust Belt, I had no clue what to expect.  But I was quickly told by many of you that I should expect a lot of fun, good music and to not be offended easily if I go to the show.  (I never get offended.  I am a WWF Attitude Era guy.)  Well the show did not disappoint on any of these aspects.

I actually want to start the night before the music started.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, concerts are more than the music.  It's the experience.  It's hanging with the rock family.  I love coming to these shows to be able to talk with you about whatever the hell is on your mind.  You'll see just some of the pics from folks I talked with below.  If you see me at a show, event, random bar say hi.  I always enjoy the conversation

Ok, now for the actual show.  A lot of times an opener is just there to fill the time and you can tell that is what they think as well.  They plug in, do their thing, get off.  9th Planet Out came up as a one off band on this Quad Cities show and acted like the main event.  They had the lights, smoke, props and more.  They were high energy from front to start with a great stage presence.  These guys are from Rochester Minnesota, so expect to see and hear more from them in the future.

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Then it was time for Steel Panther.  I don't think I've ever seen a band come out and start the show by talking to the crowd.  Most walk out and just hit that first note fast and hard.  These guys came out fast and hard...with the comedy to the crowd.  That instantly set the tone for the night.  It was everything I thought it would be after that.  "Dirty" songs followed by dirty jokes between songs.  They weaved both in and out to where neither lasted too long and always left me wanting more when they switched from one to another.

The guys rolled along for about 60 minutes with this formula getting the crowd cheering and laughing.  Then the show took a turn as they invited one of the ladies from the audience (who we found out was named Ash, and I can assure you was not a plant) up on stage.  The guys took turns wooing her with their "romantic songs".  Not sure if any of them worked for the guys after the show, but it was the perfect change of pace in the show.  After some time with her, they decided one woman on stage was not enough.  They invited every lady in the Panther Pit up for their song "17 Girls In A Row".  It was chaos...which was great.

I walked into the Rust Belt a Steel Panther virgin.  My cherry was popped with a great show.  I didn't know any of their songs before this.  I barely know any of their songs now.  But if Steel Panther comes back to the Quad Cities again, I'll be there.  I promise you'll have a great concert experience.

Steel Panther at the Rust Belt

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