A teenager from Nova Scotia broke a world record by combining two of his hobbies, solving Rubik's Cubes and Pogo Sticking. His newly broken world record consisted of solving 211 Rubik's Cubes WHILE pogo-sticking.

Guinness World Record confirmed that Saul Hafting from Annapolis Royal broke a world record by bouncing on his pogo stick for 1 hour and 12 minutes while solving 211 Rubik's Cubes.

Before attempting the record, Hafting said he trained for about three months. In the beginning, he started hopping on his pogo stick for 10 minutes at a time, and each day he would hop longer and longer.

"I would bounce on a pogo stick as long as I could, as many days of the week I could," he told Global News. "So I would bounce on it for 10 minutes, and that's all I could do, and then I bounce on it the next day for a little longer."

Saul Hafting said that he became interested in solving Rubik's cubes when one of his friends taught him how to solve a cube. Hafting was amazed. "I was absolutely mind-blown. I couldn't comprehend that someone could solve a Rubik's cube in like under a minute," he said. (UPI)

After that moment, Hafting bought his first Rubik's Cube and played with it almost every day for six years.

Hafting wanted to break a world record but wasn't sure what to do. He thought if he could somehow incorporate his Rubik's cube skills into a record, he could break one. After seeing Rubik's Cube Pogo Sticking on YouTube, he decided to try that.

The Previous world record for Rubik's Cube Solving while on a Pogo Stick was 65. Saul hafting surpassed that record by 146 cubes.

Read more here: Guinness World Records

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