It has been 17 months since the TaxSlayer Center held an event.  Over that time they have not been sitting around doing nothing.  They have been busy upgrading the building from top to bottom.

You can use your phone!

The biggest upgrade you will notice when you walk in you actually won't notice.  But your phone will.  There is now full in arena Wi-Fi that is open and free and ready for use.  If you've been in the building and ever tried to send a text or post a picture you just knew it wasn't going to happen.  But now with the Wi-Fi, we can all post those awesome concert pics and, most importantly, find friends.

Leave the cash at home.

Next up is how you are going to buy concessions.  Leave the cash at home, cause the TaxSlayer Center is now cashless.  Forgot the card and all you have is stack of cash, they will soon have reverse ATM's.  Put in the cash and it pops out a debit card for you to use.

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Fancy you in a suite

If you know somebody (or you are that somebody) and can enjoy a show from up in a suite, you'll notice the new chairs, lights, TV's and mobile ordering system.  That mobile ordering system, will soon be on every seat in the arena.  No more waiting in line and missing your favorite song.  Just scan the QR code, make your order and keep enjoying the show.

COVID-19 Measures

The TaxSlayer Center has also achieved "GBAC Star Facility Accreditation".  The accreditation is reserved for facilities that demonstrate the superior ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from bio risk and infectious disease situations.  You'll see touchless bathrooms, electrostatic sprayers, hand sanitizing dispensers and bacteria killing UV lights on escalator.  Seriously, the plastic part you hold onto will go through UV lights as it goes in circles to kill the bacteria.

Another touchless item will be the walk through metal detectors.  Like you see at airports.  No more wands and close contact.  It will be the simple walk-thru magnetometer.

If you were used to taking bags into the arena, the bag policy has been updated as well.  Bags will no longer be permitted in the arena with the exception of a small 5" x 7" clutch purse or a small diaper bag if entering with an infant.

Artist experience equals more shows for Quad Cities

Many of the other upgrades the average attendee won't see, but will make a big difference in the shows that come to the Quad Cities.  The TaxSlayer Center has completely remodeled the conference center, dressing rooms and artist entry way to provide a first class experience for visiting musicians.  This is the kind of treatment that bands, managers and agents notice and remember for them to choose the Quad Cities and the TaxSlayer Center over other venues.

"This has been a long time coming and we have used our down-time to complete capital projects that we couldn't have done while the venue was fully open.  Say Executive Director Scott Mullen, "We can't wait to start doing full-scale shows and get more of our employees back to work."

The first chance to see and experience these upgrades and changes comes on July 9th.  Check out the full TaxSlayer Center schedule here.

TaxSlayer Center Upgrades

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