We're all going crazy....right?  I'm not the only one, am I?  If we're not physically sick with (insert current topical virus here) we're mentally sick from all the rules and regulations that come along with the rest of the world being sick.  We're sick of being stuck in the house all day with these damn kids, or this damn job, or whatever else has got you down.  I know its all for the best, we all want to do our part for our community, but sometimes it gets to be too much to handle.  We've just got to get away from it all for a while.

The only problem with that is...we can't go anywhere. The world is closed.  If it's not closed, you gotta wear a mask, or stay away from people, or put on a hazmat suit just to enter the general public.  What's even worse is now that the weather is getting colder, you can't even use the great outdoors as an escape from Covid Fever.  The weather hasn't been all that bad recently, but it won't be too long before its too cold or (dare I say it?) it starts snowing.  We won't be able to go trail hiking, or have picnics at the park, or any of the stuff that is deemed "safe" out of the house activity during the pandemic.  So, what do we do now?  What can we do to get out of this god-forsaken prison we call a home, and release just a tiny amount of this pent up aggression?

For me, I like to drive.  Just get in my car and drive.  No destination, no passengers, no rules.  Sometimes I drive around my shitty little town and look at houses that have been there since I was a kid, but I swear I've never seen before.  Sometimes I drive on the highway and just zone tf out.  I'm safe in my car, I can't infect anybody with my breathing, I don't have to wear a mask.  Most importantly, I can listen to music.  Something hard. Something I can scream along with to get out all the stresses from the day, the week, the month, and most certainly the year.

What makes a good playlist for such a journey?  It all depends on the you, the driver.  Its your little world, and here you call the shots.  Covid is just dust in the rear-view.  Like I said, for me its gotta be hard.  Its got to have some old(ish) stuff, some newer stuff, some guys, some chicks, but its definitely got to be stuff I can play steering wheel drummer to.  So I'm giving you the top ten from my current "Covid Cruise" playlist.  Keep in mind, this is just what I'm headbanging to this week, it changes all the time (as any good playlist should).

  • Rob Zombie - Dragula(well, duh!)
  • Halestorm - I Like it Heavy
  • Lamb of God -  Redneck
  • Archers - Composure(its newer, but its a banger)
  • Union Underground - South Texas Deathride
  • Motionless in White - Broadcasting from Beyond the Grave
  • Pantera - Cowboys From Hell(so many to choose from, but this is my winner)
  • Falling in Reverse - Popular Monster
  • In This Moment - Blood
  • Black Label Society - Suicide Messiah

And just for good measure, lucky #11, Disturbed - Down With the Sickness...I couldn't resist!

So there's a playlist just to get you started.  You might not like any of them, or you might like all of them, the point is just to give you a reason to get out of your house.  Start your own "Covid Cruise" playlist. Don't feel guilty about taking some "me" time to unwind, especially now when its so important to keep your spirits up.  If you've got any good ones to add, be sure to let me know!  Remember, we're all in this together!

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