A new report from Wallethub.com has put together a ranking of states with the "biggest drug problem".

The one at the top, is right on top of Iowa.  The one at the bottom, is right at the bottom of Iowa.  That's right, if you drive up to Minnesota you will be in the state ranked 51st (District of Columbia included in the report) with a problem.  Meanwhile, a drive to the south and you'll be in the biggest problem state.  Missouri.

The report used three main categories.  Drug use and addiction, law enforcement and drug health issues and rehab.  Those categories included a total of 22 relevant metrics to create their ranking.  

As for Iowa and Illinois.  Iowa is doing well at 44th.  Illinois, right in the middle at 27th.

Check out the full rankings and more including the teenagers stats, and the always popular red states vs. blue states stats.

Source: WalletHub


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