The mayor of a small town in Iowa is in hot water right now after posing for a photo in a local business's calendar where he appeared to be naked.

Gabe Carroll, the mayor of Creston, sat in a chair almost nude for a photo that was shared in the "Father Figures" calendar by a local brewery, Hot Air Brewing. He held a baked chicken to cover his you-know-what.

KCCI was the first to report, as they had received a barrage of tips and complaints about the picture.

Bailey Niedermann, a woman who works in Creston, had this to say to the news station:

That's just weird. Being the mayor, I would not even publicize that at all.

The calendar's are sold with 25 percent of the money going towards the Christmas Basket Fund, which is a charity in Creston that helps families put Christmas dinner on the table.

There are also people in the city of just over 7,000 that are in full support of their mayor's involvement, including Tom Jackson who had this to say:

He's trying to support a small-town business and I think Gabe is a down-to-earth guy. Think he's doing a crack-up job as mayor.

Carroll shared the following statement with KCCI:

I can understand some people not getting the joke and feeling offended… that's just part of life I suppose. But in the end, we've raised about $220 for the Christmas Basket Fund, and have about 55 calendars left to sell.

Katie Davidson of Hot Air Brewing maintains that they will continue to support Carroll and they appreciate what he's done for their city:

Gabe has been our mayor for three years. And he's done a lot of really great progressive work in our small town that was not doing so hot.

You can see the photo in the video below:

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