To hear songs played backward, most people rewind a vinyl record, but not Metallica. A clip has surfaced of the band members jamming and actually playing their iconic hit "Enter Sandman" backward on their instruments.

The video shows Lars Ulrich, Robert Trujillo, James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett all fussing around with their respected instruments and playing the notes of the riffs in the opposite sequence. Hetfield even sings a line backward, with a giant smile on his face. According to the YouTube account that uploaded the clip, the footage was filmed in 2013.

"Could've been different!" the frontman joked.

Then the video was actually rewinded, and the audio has that classic warped effect that you hear when you do spin a vinyl counterclockwise. As it's played back, you can hear the guitars perform the riff correctly since they were playing it backward in the raw footage.

Confused? Check out the video of Metallica playing "Namdnas Retne" below.

Metallica Playing 'Enter Sandman' Backwards

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