Win Steel Panther Tickets at Riverview Roadhouse in Le Claire.*

*Must be present to win.  This means actually at Riverview Roadhouse and have the ability to physically take the tickets from my hand.
*Winner will be drawn just before The Forty Twos.  Approximately 9:10pm.

It was so fun the first time...we're going to get together and do it again.  July 2, from 6pm-10pm let's Rock the River at Riverview Roadhouse in Le Claire.  You'll have a chance to win tickets to Steel Panther, plus we'll have all that I-Rock 93.5 swag and random things I find at the Rock and Roll Mansion all while we rock out to three live bands.

If you missed the first one on June 4th, you missed a great show in an awesome setting.  The Riverview Roadhouse parking lot is transformed into a very cool concert setup.  The stage is on the side of the building and the parking lot is a hill, so it's like a built in theater.  When the sun is out or when the lights go down, the Mississippi River is behind the band which just makes for a perfect place to watch live music. You can bring your lawn chairs if you want to sit (just between the sets cause these aren't sit and watch bands) and enjoy a night of free music!

Three bands will take the stage starting at 7pm.  First up will be the band "Dead Rest" on the Bison Bridge Stage.  If you are an old skull punk, then you'll dig these guys.  Check em out on their Facebook page.  Then our friends with "High Five Sinners" will crank up the rock.  Finally, we'll hear The Forty Two's.  You might recognize three of the members as they were all together in The Zealots.  You won't want to miss their high energy, fun show. Check out more on them on their Facebook page.

Of course while you are here reading this, you might as well also sign up for tickets that you can win online to Steel Panther.

There will be plenty to drink inside and outside.  What BBQ will be serving food outside and Riverview Roadhouse will have their awesome menu open inside.  Rain or shine, we are going to rock LeClaire on July 2nd for Friday Night Live!  More on all the Friday Night Live LeClaire here.

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