Red Hot Chili Peppers have revealed they plan to issue more new music in relatively quick succession following the April 1 release of their recently announced 12th studio album, Unlimited Love.

Unlimited Love is the band's first effort back with guitarist John Frusciante since 2006's Stadium Arcadium. He left the band in 2009 and returned 10 years later. Now, in a new interview published this month, he and RHCP singer Anthony Kiedis suggested to NME that further fresh Chili Peppers tunes will swiftly follow the April effort.

"We're gonna put out music by the handful," Kiedis said. "Literally. Don't be surprised if another wheelbarrow of songs comes your way in the near future. … We have a lot of shit to turn people onto."

Frusciante identified it all as a "loose plan" for an immediate follow-up to Unlimited Love, seeing as how Red Hot Chili Peppers "recorded almost 50 pieces of music" during the new album sessions with returning producer Rick Rubin.

"We definitely have enough material that we love," Frusciante continued, saying the envisioned follow-up has a "relaxed energy that's distinct from the intensity of the record that we've made here."

In the same interview, the other band members explained their decision to reunite with Frusciante, sensing the rocker could bring some extra creativity back into the fold.

Discussing early writing sessions for Unlimited Love, Kiedis said it was "going slowly and without a real definitive drive to it. It was just sort of meandering. And then both [bassist] Flea and I had a zeitgeist of a feeling inside of ourselves independently which was: 'It would be really nice to involve John somehow in this process.' It had been a long time and he was making himself known in our circles again after having been in his very own circle."

Red Hot Chili Peppers released two albums without Frusciante in 2011 and 2016, guitarist Josh Klinghoffer taking his place. Klinghoffer is now a touring guitarist in Pearl Jam and performs in his solo act Pluralone.

Pre-order Unlimited Love by clicking here. Listen to the first single, "Black Summer," here. Red Hot Chili Peppers will tour in 2022.

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