It feels so good to say this....May is concert month on I-Rock 93.5.  Oh yeah, live music is back and your concert leader I-Rock 93.5 is hooking you up with tickets all month long.

We are giving you tickets to the shows coming to town just by listening.  I mean, you do that already, so you might as well have your phone ready to score your tickets.  This time, you have to listen and call.  Yes, we do have our own phone number.  Get it in your phone now - 563-362-IROC (4762).  Make sure you like I-Rock 93.5 on Facebook and turn on the alerts on the I-Rock 93.5 app because I'll give you the exact times to listen each day.  But really...listen for all 5 hours from 10-3pm cause that is the cool thing to do.

May 3-7 - Badflower, Goodbye June and Alborn May 7 at The Rust Belt
May 10-14 - Corey Taylor June 12 show
May 17-21 - Corey Taylor June 13 show
May 24-28 - Shinedown at the Mississippi Valley Fair August 5

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That is everything you can win right now.  Could there be more?  Yes, yes there could be.  Because there are more shows we have lined up that we haven't been able to tell you about yet!  (If you were at the Badflower show you heard me announce them, and if you come out to any of our events I'll tell you!)  But, when we can we will give you those tickets as well!

If your boss is a jerk and won't let you call during work, don't forget to sign up to win tickets for all those shows!

Register to win Badflower tickets here....but it's not just tickets, it's GOLD VIP tickets.  Roll up in there like the baller you are.

Get in the sold out Corey Taylor/CMFT show here.  You'll be winning those Saturday tickets with this online contest so you'll see him first.

Sign up to win a pair of Mississippi Valley Fair Fun Cards here to see Shinedown August 5th.  Plus of course all the other acts coming to the MVF in August.

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