It's been 30 years since Wesley Scantlin formed the band Puddle of Mudd in Kansas City.  It's been 20 years since they broke through with "Come Clean".  All this time later, they are still creating new music and (once we can again) touring.

Wes called in to talk about the latest single "Go To Hell".  But, as I always do, I got side tracked and we talked about a LOT of other things.  Touring, addiction, his creative process, aliens, football.  Yeah, all over the place.

Take a listen here:


For the new track from Puddle of Mudd's 2019 album, Welcome to Galvania, Wes says, "the song is about being between Heaven and Hell in your mind. Kind of like when the angel is on one shoulder and the devil is on the other. You turn to God to figure it all out for you and he will! It’s the crossroads in our life. We make a choice about which way we’re going."

Even in the wake of tragedy, with Wes' cousin Sean Scantlin passing, Wes' faith stays strong. He says, "My cousin Sean battled demons for a long time and he lost the battle. I know he is in Heaven taking care of me and living his best life.  We will see each other one day. We all miss him.  He was so young and full of life. So keep your loved ones close and never give up on them. Because no one gave up on me."

The first single from Welcome to Galvania “Uh-Oh” was a comeback for the band landing them a top 10 single.  And although the COVID-19 pandemic has halted touring, Puddle of Mudd wanted to keep things going with the video until they could get back on the road.  Check out the video here.

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