If you couldn't dig your way out of the grave on Saturday, you missed a spectacular event in the Quad Cities.  Midwest Monster Fest held its pop-up horror market at the Rock Island County Fairgrounds.  It was a beautiful day for a killing spree!

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This is just a taste of what event organizers have in store for the "final act" coming up in September.  The Rust Belt in East Moline will be hosting Midwest Monster Fest September 3rd through the 5th, 2021.  This horror convention will also have tons of vendors, as well as a special effects make-up contest, and independent horror film screenings.  There will also be many horror celebrities like Clint Howard, C.J. Graham, and just announced Damian Maffei from Haunt, Wrong Turn, and The Strangers.  So, if you missed this pop-up horror event, you might still be safe.  This is one time I think I can say the sequel will better.

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