There's a lot of controversy circulating in the U.S. regarding the reopening of states during the coronavirus pandemic. It's unknown when school and even smaller-scale gatherings will be allowed to take place, let alone concerts and festivals. A recent poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos revealed that most Americans won't attend concerts before there is a vaccine or treatment for Covid-19.

The poll, which took place from April 15 to the 21, questioned 4,429 Americans about their desire to attend concerts, sporting events, amusement parks and movie theaters when such venues reopen. It also asked about their previous attendance in these events as well.

27 percent of the participants said that they would go to movie theaters, concert and live entertainment theaters when they are reopened, but 32 percent of people said they would wait until there is a vaccine before doing so.

55 percent of the polltakers said these events should not even occur before a vaccine or treatment for the virus is available. After all of the social distancing measures, many people still may not feel safe being in large crowds if the threat of the illness is still lurking, and it would be counterproductive if opening the venues contributed to a second later outbreak.

While movies can be added directly to streaming services and on-demand platforms, the closest a musician can get to performing for a crowd is a livestream on the Internet. Many major summer concert tours and festivals have been canceled for this year so far, and the Louder Than Life festival that was set for the end of September was just recently called off as well.

Let's hope this vaccine is ready sooner than most are expecting.

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