Slipknot's seventh album The End, So Far just came out last Friday (Sept. 30), but apparently, physical copies of the record have the wrong title on the cover. Several fans have reported that their copy contains the error.

One fan uploaded a photo of their vinyl copy of the album on Reddit, which shows the title The End for Now... on the cover. The individual has a sticker on their finger with the proper title — The End, So Far — which was apparently pasted over the misprint.

See it the image below.

This apparently wasn't a one-off mistake. Throughout the comment section, other fans confirmed that their copy had the misprint as well. One person noted that they purchased every variant that the album was available in, and every one of them had a misprint. Another person added that the cassette version contained this error too.

A commenter questioned why the original poster took the sticker off, in which they replied that it was actually stuck to the LP's protective plastic wrap. Therefore, it was inevitably removed when they opened it.

Corey Taylor addressed the misprint when asked about it during his AMA session on Reddit earlier this week, stating that The End, So Far was always the intended title for the record, but that "somebody fucked up and didn't double check with" them.

Regardless of what's on the cover — it's the content of the music that truly matters. Fans actually seemed to have mixed reactions to the record, though, with some loving the new and experimental angles some of the songs took, while others continue to be disappointed that the band never created an Iowa 2.0. 

See fan reactions here, and the things our staff loves about the record at this location.

The End, So Far was Slipknot's last release through Roadrunner Records, which they've been signed with for over two decades. In a new interview with The Independent, Shawn "Clown" Crahan explained why they'll likely cease to work with the label going forward.

“Our success was because of so many people, and now they’re all gone.” Crahan told The Independent. “Chances are I’m going to go elsewhere, but let’s remember something: I signed a record deal because the label said they were going to sell albums and they did so I can’t be mad at them for anything. But there’s a billion things I could do better for my family and for myself now that I’ve worked hard and completed my duty. I now have the ability and authority to challenge anybody who wants to work with Slipknot to take us seriously because we’re not just a little band any more. We’re a real band.”

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