A major theft took place last week leaving people with more questions than not when semis full of pork went missing overnight.

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Over $100,000 worth of meat was stolen from an eastern Iowa plant last week.

On Thursday, September 1st the Ottumwa Police Department was contacted at around 7 a.m. about stolen semi-trailers from a JBS facility. An investigation into the incident found that there had been a semi stolen from the area of JBS which is believed to then been used to take three semi-trailers.

The stolen trailers were already packed and ready for distribution at the time of the theft.

In a Facebook post from the semi owner Hunter Lindsey;l

They unhooked from my trailer and stole three trailers full of meat. My guess is they had three trucks waiting on gravel roads to unload into. Only way we found the truck was the tracker on one of the hite trailers. No damage to the truck and they left the keys in the ignition.

The semi and three trailers were later located.

According to the Ottumwa Police Department, two of the trailers were found at the Blackhawk River Access in Ottumwa. The semi and trailer were found in Wapello County near the 87th Street and 170th Avenue intersections.

All the pork products were removed from the trailers before being left behind. authorities estimate that the value of the stolen pork was more than $100,000.

The Ottumwa Police Department is asking that anyone who saw any suspicious activities regarding semis and semi-trailers in the early hours of September 1st contact the Ottumwa Police Department.

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