One lucky Iowan will be able to win the opportunity to perform a song at a war memorial in Washington D.C. If you or someone you know loves to sing, this might be the "Big break" they've been waiting for!

It's Strength Of America: A Song For The Military Women’s Memorial at Arlington Cemetery.

The Contest

Simply cover a song written by Stokes Nielson and enter the contest, and the winner will get a free summer trip to the Women's Memorial at Arlington Cemetery.

This contest begins in Iowa, and will eventually be opened to the rest of the country.

If you want more information about the song and contest, email

Stokes Dropped In To Talk About The Contest, Check It Out:

Not a Singer?

That's totally okay! You can still earn yourself a trip to see the Women's Memorial through a good ol' fashioned essay contest.

All you have to do is write an essay of fewer than 500 words explaining your feelings on the Strength of America, and send it to the same email,

Military Women's Memorial
Military Women's Memorial

Who is Stokes Nielson?

Stokes Nielson is a BMI Award Winning Songwriter and 3-Time Academy of Country Music Award Nominee from Nashville TN, who is credited with 6 Top-40 Billboard Country Chart placements for radio play and album sales. With his country-rock act The Lost Trailers, he has opened for rock acts like Maroon 5, Bob Dylan, The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and ZZ Top; and as a documentary filmmaker he is currently working on a project that focuses on the global power of music; which includes rock acts Maneskin from Italy, One OK Rock from Japan, Peter Frampton from the UK, Phoenix from France, and the Kpop act BTS from South Korea.

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“For me, Strength of America, is deeply personal, in that someone from almost every generation of my family has served in the US Military, going back to Captain John Stokes, who was at Valley Forge and who served under George Washington in the Revolutionary War.” Says Nielson, “The fact that I took a very different path in my life with music, has always left a part of me wanting to do more for our veterans and current service members. I feel extremely lucky that I was reached out to write this song, and I hope the lyrics and melodies can in some way capture the awe and gratitude, that myself and so many others, feel for the amazing women who protect our country.”

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