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I 74 Bridge/City of Moline
I 74 Bridge/City of Moline

New road closures are coming to Moline due to the construction of the new I-74 bridge. Road closures will take effect today (Friday, June 5th) and Monday, June 8th.

On Thursday, officials with the I-74 bridge construction announced new road closures in Moline. These closures are due to the construction of the I-74 bridge.

Officials said that beginning Friday, June 5th, southbound 19th Street will be closed at night. Southbound 19th Street between 7th Avenue and 12th Avenue will be closed from approximately 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. This road closure is weather permitting. Eastbound I-74 detour route will be impacted from this road closure.

Motorists that are exiting eastbound I-74 at 7th Avenue will continue to turn right at 7th Avenue. Motorists will then continue through the 19th Street intersection and turn left on 16th Street. Officials say 19th Street will be closed at night only for approximately one week, depending on the weather.

Below are the maps for the new detour route and a close up of the changed traffic pattern at the 19th Street and 7th Avenue intersection.

Another toad closure in Moline will also start on Monday, June 8th.

Starting Monday, 6th Avenue in Moline will be closed between 19th Street and 21st Street for crews to facilitate work on I-74. Officials say 6th Avenue between 19th and 21st Street will be closed for up to two weeks, weather permitting.

Below is the map for the new detour route.

You can find more details on the new road closures in Moline by clicking here.


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