This bad news is for Illinois. Before we began we must remember that these delays, were for the most part, out of anyone's control with weather delays AND a pandemic causing a lot of problems for this project.

There were also a few technical problems here and there. That being said, many QC residents are feeling burned out with the I-74 construction.

In short, here's whats happening. The Illinois-bound segment of I-74 bridge is now expected to open a year after Iowa-bound lanes open.

According to Our Quad cities,

There is a lot of demolition and construction happening on land in Iowa and Illinois to build a new stretch of interstate that aligns with the bridge. The plan is to get the Iowa-bound portion of the bridge open by the end of the year.

Corridor Manager George Ryan shared how confident he is that this goal can still be reached. He also mentioned what other obstetrical they expect in the future, but that he and his team were ready for them.

Hopefully this is the last bad news we hear when it comes to the I-74 bridge project. Stay calm, and stay safe out there QC.

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